Graphics problem New update

I wanted to update the game on my ipad air 2 but sadly I wasn’t abel to, so I uninstalled it then installed it again and it worked after downloading a plane and launching at KSFO the big surprise revealed it self … the Graphics are cartoonish i double checked the settings they are set to high, i exited to the main menu and also double checked to find them also selected at high… honesty i dnt know what to do any help plz ?

They look fine, you need to be at a higher altitude for it to look better


😳 this is fine ?!! Man look at the water texture it’s horrible IMG_3172 this is how it used to be from before the land and the water

Well believe it or not, the one on top is more realistic. Not every body of water around the planet has perfectly crystal clear blue water.

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I’m not sure I see what you mean by cartoonish? I use an Air 2 and haven’t seen anything close to cartoonish?

Even though look at its texture ( look above at the before and after photos ) its a 💯 different game currently the texture of the land and sea remind me of disney :P

that is 15 mm satellite imagery for you. That is the best it will get and the prettiest in my mind! :)

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It’s meant to be a completely different scenery if it’s cartoonish blame satellite imagery.

What you talking about, yours is way better than mine