Graphics of Other Aircraft

I’m not sure if this is only me. When I’m in Live and I see other aircraft, their graphics are way worse than mine. For instance, my aircraft would look real shiny, and the others would look kinda glossy and have less quality. Also, when I’m in the air and I see another plane, the other plane would be really laggy. It looks like it’s going in a back and forward motion. I don’t think I explained this too well, but if you get what I’m saying, does this happen to anybody else?

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Oh… That kinda sucks.

If all aircraft had settings on very high on live, the lag would be through the roof, even on high end devices.


Hopefully in 2016, Apple has something to offer. I know that the iPhone 7 is going to have awesome specs. Even if the iPhone 7 does meet requirements, graphics aren’t a big matter anyway.

You shouldn’t overestimate apple products. Even if you get “awesome specs” your device wouldn’t handle 15 planes in very high quality like your computer with about 6-8 GB of Video RAM. I think it would just melt your mobile’s core.


Im new to live but why can I not see some of the other aircraft? I can see the name/callsign but not the actual aircraft. Yes I am within range and its only on some

@AUblake First of all it depends on your setting under
Settings -> Live -> Aircraft count

Second reason could be that the models have to be downloaded. This takes some time of course. Maybe you’re on mobile network and forbid IF to download the planes automatically. This setting can be found in the same menu as the above.
It says something like “Automatically download aircraft on cellular” or so.

Welcome to Live. Have a good time in the skies ✈

Thats it, thank you

You’re welcome

The Air India is noticeably better than most of the other planes, graphics wise. You could even consider it to have “medium” graphics.