Graphics of clouds

I want to discuss one thing. Whenever I changed my settings to broken clouds , they look so unreal. Is there problem in my phone graphics or anything else?

Can you provide a screenshot?

Ok when i will play i will soon share a screenshot

No, its not a problem, they are coded to be like this. Hopefully we get volumetric clouds soon, but its better later, than never.

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I belive IF only simulates Cirrus and Cirrostratus clouds, but hopefully soon we can have more

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Yes hopefully…



Really hoping we get different types of clouds and layering of clouds and definitely need some better lights like actual illumination of the lights and lights like taxi lights and logo lights and wing lights


See this layer is so fake.

There’s only so much that you can do to make 2D clouds look realistic. The developers are working on more realistic, 3D clouds in the next implementation of them. The following is from the Building and Clouds Q&A:

Ok. Hope so they will take action soon on this.

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