Graphics issues

This isn’t a technical issue but more of something I noticed. I feel that the graphics quality for the 3D cockpits has lowered, and to be specific I mean resolution. In the past I used to read flaps max speeds right on the cockpit of the 777 bellow the landing gear. Now its all blurry and pixelated even though I play at max settings on an iPad Pro 12.9". Did they lower the resolution on purpose for performance?


I get this yeah, since the hotfix. Unfortunately we will have to wait till the devs find a solution:)

I thought so but a better solution would be to lower the quality in lower quality settings and keep the highest setting the same since some of us can run it fine. Or maybe add in an ultra graphics setting so people have the choice. I am only writing this in case the devs are reading this.

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Are the wings of the 777 the blurred for you too, i’ve had this issue when i downloaded hotfix 1

It’s an internal issue, i’m on high graphics on an iphone 11 which should run smoothly and i get some lag and blurry wings/ cockpit on the 777. We’ll have to wait for something to come up, maybe with another hotfix or the 21.1 update. Do you have low power mode on?

Hey! I think I know what you are talking about. I’ve observed it’s most common after you end an ATC session and start a flight session. The way to resolve the situation is simply by restarting the app and selecting a new flight.

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