Graphics issues during Online Flying on Android phone

I use IF on my android phone. When I subscribed and flew online, I could not see other online users. All I could see was a dotted rectangle and their info instead of the plane. These graphic issues must be solved as quick or this may fail in providing a real world experience.

Hey there! Welcome to the forum! Your answer is in this topic I linked below under the section in the topic “I can’t see any other aircraft when flying online”

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This is not the answer I’m looking for. I dont hear their audio. Thats one thing. The other thing is that they are not visible. Look onto that issue.


Udesh Udayakumar


Both of your questions are answered in the topic linked. So yes, it is the answer you’re looking for :)


If a plane is not very close to you it will show up as a white rectangle.
If it is close to you it is probably downloading, or there are so many planes around that the plane count limit is reached.

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Yes I have an answer to this question from my understanding of your issue. The reason why you are not able to see other aircraft is that your phone hasn’t downloaded those liveries. Basically you have to download every livery existing in the game to be able to see all of the aircraft at your airport or wherever in the sky.

Hope this was your issue and I have solved it just now

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