Graphics Issue

Hello everyone!

I would like to know if there is a way to let the graphics on my IF work at higher graphics without too much lag.
Honestly, i’m getting triggered over the fact that i have to run on low graphics because when i set high or medium graphics, my IF lags out, especially my device.

If there isn’t a way for it to run at higher graphics smooth,
then is there a way i can get my IF to run smoother on low graphics at busy airports?

Aircraft Count: Low
Device: Huawei Mediapad T3 10
OS: Android 7.0
Graphics: Low at High Rendering
Most laggy aircraft (s): CRJ series at busy airports

This is basically why i almost cannot outstand the lag on FNFs.

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No there’s not gonna be I’m afraid, it’s a very low end device, the CPU can only do 1.4 GHz and it’s also a very old one. Your best solution would be upgrading your device.

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Alright, are there any tablets that are cheap in PLN (im in a budget of max. 800 PLN) and can run at higher graphics?

Not the best at these kind of things but I think @Starley could help you out. Also for that budget you might have to buy a used device as I don’t think it’s gonna be possible to get a device that can run it well on higher graphics for that price and being brand new. But I would ask starley as he’s good at these things :)


Alright, thanks alot.

Shoot me a PM, we will continue there. ;)

What devices can you use which enable high graphics? I currently am using an iPad mini 2 and I have to make sure graphics are in low when in a busy airport but can getaway with medium when it’s quiet.

Definetly recommend iPhone X. Can run without lag at the highest graphics even at busy airports.

Yea just that it’s very expensive

You could always try an iPhone 7 or 8, also. Works quite well too

Yea I’ll hopefully get a better device soon

same here hehe :—)

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