Graphics Issue

I am using an iPad Pro and am have developed a graphics issue within the past day. When I begin my descent, the graphics become very distorted. I cannot see any ground visuals, or airports. As make my approach, the screen goes blank. Is this a screen refresh issue on my end?

Hello there! The iPad Pro is more than capable for Infinite Flight. Please ensure that you restart your device before flights as to start fresh. An occasional reset of your router may help optimize your WiFi as well. Also, refrain from backing out of the app and pausing your session too many times. If you are still experiencing these issues we recommend that you reinstall the app. Thanks, Chris


To add on to what @Levet said, this sounds like the start of the “Black floor” glitch.

If this ever happens again, an app restart usually solves it.

The cause of the black floor is unknown, though it is believed to be related to loss of internet connection or corrupt files.

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I deleted the app and re-installed the Infinite app. Things are working as they should, thanks for your help!