Graphics Issue in global

So global is finally out and I decided that my first flight would be a short flight from Dubai to Kuwait just to try out everything, when I first took off from Dubai graphics and terrain were beautiful, however after like 10-15 mins there was no graphics (I thought it was because I was flying over sea) and when I approached Kuwait there were no graphics or terrain at all and I couldn’t even see the runway or the airport.

So I thought the region wasn’t rendered yet for global, but I tried JFK-YYZ, graphics were good in JFK but when I got closer to YYZ it was completely messed up.

Is that a wifi problem or a phone storage problem?
Plz reply and thanks
(I did the flights a few hours ago)


I noticed that the app needs to refresh sometimes to its a lot to load up in the game at once.


This is a known issue, the devs are working in it :)

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Well then that’s above me lol

Ok I’m glad it’s not only me but I know people who have done long flights perfectly


It only appears occasionally, try to reinstall the app and try it again ;)

But I mean I’m also kinda running out of storage is that a problem too?

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Server issue resolution will resolve this as well. :)

Yes it could be an issue.

You might also want to try to delete and reinstall the app; your local scenery cache could be corrupted.