Graphics gone

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1) Background to the photos

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route

3) Photos

After flying for 9 hours and 27 minutes from Incheon to San Francisco, all building, Runways & everything are gone. I have a good device & good connection. Cleaning the caches regularly as always.

Make sure you have storage left if clearing scenery cache didn’t work.

If above didn’t work, try changing your graphic settings or 3D object density settings.

Hey there! Another solution to this is changing your graphics and changing it back in flight.

My Graphics setting all are on high except for rendering i set on Medium to save battery my storage is 256G and only 10 percent is in use!

I mean set your graphics to low after that change it back again.

Trying everything but never have it back during flight.

Oh thanks, i 'll try when it happened again!

Just some feedback that make sure to delete this text before posting if if does show up. Also try clearing your scenery cache, or change your graphic settings :)

Allways clearing the cache regulary & i set all the Graphics in HiGh! But thank for the help…

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