Graphics Glitch

Hello community and developers … when I started grad just started in Munich, I saw my neighbor the front purple lights … I did not think so but when I came closer, it was not gone even after I had “Cache” was taught it still there … So to my question: is this normal? if not, is it just me? i need help thanks

ps: sorry for my bad englishScreenshot_20190308-165013

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This usually occurs as a result of the aircraft not fully loading. Check your internet connection and try restarting the app.


Happened to me for an entire plane! Simple restart did the trick for me :) always remember if anything ever goes wrong with technology, turn it off and on again ;)

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That was the case … My internet connection 4 dashes -> full;) So actually I have a very good internet connection … Is it perhaps with him?

If you see this problem in any aircraft, just reinstall infinite flight. There must be an error when downloading aircrafts during gameplay/flight. These aircrafts must be redownloaded in order to maintain all of its looks and functions.

Reinstalling should be a last resort. @Chatta290 brings up a great point and says to restart the app. That’s one of the best measures to take most times. :)


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