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Hello, im not sure if this should be on #general or #support , feel free to move it if I’m wrong…So was idle in developer mode on android, then I found this, so this is the graphics driver selection setting for each application, then I found Infinite Flight which would be interesting if I tinkered with it, will this affect performance ?

and my spec is Samsung A51 with Exynos 9611 with Mali-G72 MP4 as GPU…

Looking forward for the response from @Kirito_77’ …

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I’m interested in hearing his response too. I adjust this setting on my PC for apps where the GPU might be better suited for instances rather than the CPU. @Kirito_77 tag, you are it ;)


hi I just did a little research and it says that default performs better. Imma dig some more and see

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First off, I’d just recommend steering away from the developer options. They can and do cause some instability in apps and the overall system. Typically the only time I ever use them myself is to enable ADB and debugging.

The system graphics preference was introduced, if I remember from the Dev beta, in android 10. It’s known as ANGLE (Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine) and it’s a chrome based project that aims to translate graphics APIs such as OpenGL2 and 3, ES to direct3D9 and 11 and make them all run natively on your hardware. You can read more here

In a simple term, it aims to translate one graphics API to another natively on device to improve performance and stability.

Should you enable it? No. But does it hurt to try? No.
It’s entirely possible you might get slightly better performance, and it’s equally as possible that your device will absolutely tank frames and crash. Some devices will benefit from it more than others. But with native Vulkan support for infinite flight coming in the future, it’s probably wise just to hold off for now.


wow thank you this awesome explanation


Thanks for the reply, i appreciate your explanation… Firstly im sorry this might be a dumb question…
So for now, does Infinite flight is enough running on Default ?
And does “default” running on its GPU (Mali) ? Which hardware native running on…
sorry if I am wrong

Default will simply mean that the app is running in its designated rendering API, in this case OpenGL, rather than ANGLE translating that. It should always run on the device GPU regardless.

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