Graphics Deformation

Facing deformation of graphics in my game since a few days. Please look into this and request you to come up with a patch on this.

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Can you elaborate your post? Can you provide a screenshot? A deformation can be anything, you know.

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Have share you the screenshots

I’d say try the good old clear scenery cache. That’s in settings under the general tab.

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How’s your ocnnection? There’s a red icon that can be the source.
Like said by @anon79257371, there’s no harm in clearing the scenery cache.

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Have tried it but it still persists. I am using an Ipad Pro

Try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, I suggest deleting and reinstalling IF, but keep in mind this will delete your replays.

I use a strong internet connection with speeds more than 30mbps

Sure but maybe not in that case. What bits were red when you click on the red icon?

ok. Will try it.

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Have been getting no connection to global server since 2 days

Global Server

Not the greatest situation to keep flying in I’ll say if it’s an issue with Global Server.

Try some of these if you haven’t already:

  1. Clearing storage if you see it is running low,
  2. Restarting your internet
  3. Reinstalling IF
  4. All the ones posted above.
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im good on storage, I have a good internet connection. Have reinstalled it just now. Will try it for a day and update you if the issue still persists.

Okay, let me know of any updates.

For sure will update you on the status.

I am not facing this issue any more, thanks for the support

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