Graphics Color Question

Now that I’m using the 21.1 IF version I have a question
I do not believe its a problem to report.

On both my devices, Tab S4 and Tab S7
it appears this new update has slightly overall color changes. My ground textures (the farther away or higher in altitude) seem slighlty bleached out or maybe a pinkish hue? Using noon as the reference and Cirrus off or up to slightly scatterd. Vis 48 Km.

I have seen some others screen shots the same
I have played with device display settings but the 21.1
appears different to me…just wondered if this is the case or its just my problem ? The ground seems washed out a little , not more blurry just not as contrast ?

Could you provide a screenshot? And I am assuming you are aware that aircraft got a texture rework

I didnt say anything about aircraft textures, I said ground textures if you read what I said. Yes can get a screen shot and compare it to a previous version screen shot. thanks

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