Graphics change?

Playing IF on iPad Pro with settings set to high/max - since the new update the graphics have become significantly worse…game looks cheap. Very laggy and pixelated. Is this a known issue - is this permanent? Very disappointing

The graphics changes are a lot more noticeable on tablets than they are on mobile phones…
In the most recent update, the graphics were adjusted to allow for a smoother play experience. Best runs at somewhere above 720p and Ludicrous runs at 1080p plus I believe.
There is a limit to how good things look on a tablet… Whilst it may have a 1080p plus resolution, it’s spread across a larger screen and therefore naturally looks worse than on a phone.
Which iPad pro are you using?
Do you have anti aliasing enabled?
What texture quality do you have set?

Hope we can be of help to you!


Make sure you are on the latest version of iOS and Infinite Flight. A new update was released that gives additional graphics options.

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On an iPad Pro, if you set the Rendering Quality to “Ludicrous” it is the same as the old “High” setting. “Ludicrous” renders the scenery and aircraft using the device native resolution.

I personally recommend trying “Best” first since it can really help with heat and battery usage.

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