Graphics bug

You can always see the plane no matter if there’s something in front of it.

Taken at Cherbourg Maupertus airport.

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Man, that’s weird I’ve never seen that before…

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they know abt it, they said its tricky to fix and they are working on it

This used to happen to me. you can refresh your cache and maybe it should get fixed

I’ll try that.

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Didn’t work.

That won’t do anything. It’s a camera related thing. It isn’t programmed to act differently when there is terrain or when the aircraft is at an elevated airport like that. This is the result of that.

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Sorry I got confused with an scenery bug I used to have where the runway suddenly disappeared on me and when I landed I would go underground and it looked similar. I dont really know how to help you with that. hope you get it fixed!

Been an issue for some time now. Apparently some work is being done in the background In efforts to fix it, so patience is key. Rendering is a tricky thing. Almost as tricky as getting a can out of a pack without the rest flying out…

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Is it possible to fix it though?

Not at the moment, unfortunately.

No I mean in like the future or something.

Like Seb said, it’s a known issue and is tricky to fix, so they’ll be sure to look into it in the near future.

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