Graphics booster

Whilst chilling out tonight and doing some solo flights, I decided to up the graphics on my Lenovo tablet and download a graphics booster app. I went with ‘game booster’. I’m running at a constant 60fps. Rendering quality on low and aircraft and scenery on high. Runs a treat. Was wondering if anyone else was using a graphics booster to enjoy gameplay? Or any other tips. Thanks.

Also, my tablet is 3G Ram.

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Hmmmm… Well this looks interesting. I might have a look. How exactly does it work?

what is the complete name of the app

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It’s called game booster. It has already 5 million hits. Basically, download the app, once installed, select which games and or apps you want to enhance performance on. When you fire up IF, there is somewhat of a graphical enhancement. I’ve even locked a fps in the top corner of the screen during gameplay, and it’s consistently 60fps. Really good performance.

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Sounds like an ad tbh 🙃 @Seniorfirstofficer

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