Graphics are ruined after new update :(. Someone help

My gameplay is completely ruined!!! Lagging even in small airfields and I can’t even turn camera with my game freezing. MY phone is overheating and my game just crashed on me. My graphic settings are on low and every time I go on multiplayer, it crashes. Don’t expect me to pay £9 when all I can play on right now is Solo! This needs to be addressed

Before the update, it was fine!

I have an IPhone 7

I’ve had all love and thanks to Infinite Flight ever since, I start to reel my fishing line back in

What’s the best fix to this. Can Infinite Flight release a hot fix. I’ve never had any issues before

Hot fixes don’t appear in the course of an hour… There have been several reports of people having issues, I’m sure that the development team have picked up on it, and may well be working on something as we speak.

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That’s great to hear. As of now, I’m stuck on lowest graphics possible trying to take in the XCub amazing views. Well, not on solo mode and with terrible graphics. Guess I’ll have to wait for a fix :(

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Can you please share a screen shot of your graphics settings? This will help them with their research.

Laura has solved it, I used her tips and it is now fixed. Thanks. You may close it

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Whenever you find a solution in another location, please help others by posting it :)

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