Graphics are not good

Just bought Samsung galaxy note 10.1 but graphics are horrible and are not good on high is there anything I can do to fix this or do I just need to go back too iPad


Just to make sure that your tablet actually supports the Global update: Are you using the 2014 version/edition of your tablet?

If you are not sure, then please go to the “About” section (when you open IF, click on the little “i”) and send us a screenshot of what you are seeing.

If you’re device is compatible, make sure you have your graphics set to “high”.

I see version 18.2.6711.34837-am-p580

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Can you show a screen shot of said graphics?

the first pic is the android the second is the I pad. I pad play fine the android looks bad a dosent play well

Can you send a screenshot of your graphics In settings @Rj_Mitchell

It looks like your Anti-Aliasing might be off. You can find that setting in settings. Turn it on if you haven’t already. :)

@Rj_Mitchell the first photo is the Android, correct? That looks pretty good! I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Yup you have anti aliasing off. It is off by default on Androids when you first download so all you need to do is turn it one and restart the app

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I’m sorry first pic is the I pad and the second is android

Can we please get a screen shot of your graphics settings. That will help everyone out.

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Thanks everyone for your help and thanks @jakevaz423 also do you what would cause the android to have slow gameplay is there any settings I can change there but graphics are great now

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I’m not an Android guy. I recommend asking @Starley. :)

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I will take it to a PM since your graphics “issue” got solved. ;)

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