Graphics are bad

So I took a massive break from infinite flight (nearly a year) quite a bit has changed but one thing I have noticed is the graphics are complete … And there is no option to set my graphics higher in the settings menu plz help


There are. Just look in the settings menu. It looks like a gear ;)


I’m guessing you have a graphics setting for each area. Solo/live… I’m not sure if you have to do the same for live because I haven’t paid for live flying as of yet.

Here are some screen shots to adjust the graphics for solo.


Sorry pictures are backwards


They’re not backwards…

They are for me lol

I think the correct English term is “Please”
Example, “Please use proper English next time”

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Yes sorry, I was trying to change them whilst I was in a session, for some reason there are not as many options to change when trying to edit them in game.

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I think the correct English term is “what”.
Example, “What do you mean by ‘wut’?”

Hey I was going to say that XD !

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