Graphics and connection issues

I have done some searching and I could not find a similar topic, so here I go…

I have two iPads, both with Infinite Flight installed, same user account:

old iPad 2, version 8.4.1. Works fine, quite slow, but no issues.
iPad mini, version 9.3.5. This one now has issues.

Both have been tested at home, on my network. iPad 2 works fine, iPad mini doesn’t anymore.

I have been using IF mainly with the iPad mini. Never any problems.
Recently I upgrade from 9.3.4 to 9.3.5

Connecting to the Server has been either impossible or it takes a long time. And when it connects, I don’t get airport info. See pictures. I moved to a friends place, and tried again. There I could connect fine, but somehow the graphics of the outside and cockpit are messed up. Again, all this does not happen on the old iPad 2. Other apps that use the internet work fine and as per normal on the iPad mini.

What I have done so far.
On the iPad mini I have removed the app, rebooted the device, re-installed and authenticated: no improvement.
I have rebooted my home router: no improvement.
If I connect to the internet via a friends place, the connection seems to be better, but the graphics is still bad.
Played around with the graphics settings, no change.
Aircrafts tested: 787-10 and 777-200ER. Same bad cockpit graphics.

Check out the pictures:

Not just the graphics on my aircraft are bad, but also those of other planes.

Graphics settings on the mini:
Water Quality: High
Anti-aliasing: Off
Reneding resolution: High
Limit Frame Rate: ticked

Would welcome support on this.
Thanks in advance

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Hi, some weeks ago I had your problems, and I have the iPad mini upgraded at iOS 9.3.5 like you, so I did one thing and it worked! All problems disappeared!
I’ve simply reset Internet Connection and IF returned to the normally ;)

Good one. I wish it was this straight forward for me over here :-)

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My two pennies: I have an iPad 2 and an iPad mini as well. The iPad 2 worked great with moderate graphic settings, no chronic issues to report. The iPad mini can’t handle being on the live server, even with minimum settings across the board. I think there’s a huge disadvantage in the available memory regarding the mini. After researching on my own I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s great for surfing the web, absolutely abysmal for operating IF.

Good idea to verify the memory setup of the iPad 2 and the Mini.

I found out that the iPad 2 has 512 MB DDR2 (1066 MHz RAM).

The iPad mini:
1st generation: 512 MB DDR2 RAM
2 & 3: 1024 MB LPDDR3 RAM
4: 2048 MB RAM

I think I have Mini model 2 or 3, which means the Mini has more memory than the iPad 2…

(source: wikipedia)

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My mini is first gen. However the numbers that I had looked up previously were different. I’ll go back and see what I can verify.

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I am now on my holiday address and there do not appear to be any connection issues anymore.

But the graphics of the program is much worse than it used to be. Especially the cockpit views are low, lower, lowest…

Anybody an idea?

IF supports iPad 2 and iPad mini, but they run really slow. Connection issues? It’s because of your iPad, not your wifi. Your iPad has trouble connecting to the Infinite Flight Live servers. Poor graphics? Change it to Medium quality in the settings. Don’t change it to High or Very High, or else the app will crash. What I would do, is upgrade to a newer iPad. I recommend iPad Air 1 or 2 and iPad Pro. So, basically, just upgrade and you will have a better experience flying in Infinite Flight and you won’t have to worry about connection issues anymore. I hope this helps :)


thanks for the tips!

I just went into IF Graphics Settings again, and I now noticed a ‘airplane quality’ setting, which as set to low. After changing it to high, the graphic issues were resolved; all looks fine.

I am sure I have not seen this setting before, which is why I asked for help. After some checking I found that the Airplane quality setting is only available when Settings is opened from the main IF start screen. If you enter into Settings while parked on a platform somewhere, the Airplane graphics setting is not visible. Bug?

Thanks for the replies everyone. Graphics issue is now resolved. Not sure about the connection issue though…

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Graphics quality settings like this cannot be adjusted during an active flight session. They must be adjusted prior to beginning a flight.

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