Graphics after last update

How do i improve my graphics? It seems after the last update that this is not what it should be. I have a Ipad 64. The only game/simulator on it is IF. There has been a topic about this but it is not giving me an answer.

Who can help me?

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What iPad do you have the memory capacity should not make a difference

I have an iPad 4 too (if by iPad 64 you mean iPad 4). Because the iPad 4 is not in the new generation, you cannot get gloss effects on aircrafts.

To change graphics, select the cog icon in the app and go to “Graphics”. Graphics cannot be changed mid-flight.

Ipad Air 2 64gb

Okay have you checked the settings on the main menu and put everything to the max

I have the same IPad and Specifics as you and I am very happy with the graphics. I like my speed of the game too so this is what I put my graphics on.


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Just a add on note. No matter what your graphics are set to, it only effects your aircraft, not any of the other traffic. In case that wasn’t already known. :)

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It’s not completely clear what the problem is so I’m not sure we can help

That was it! Thanks guys!

Happy landings

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