Graphical weight and balance page? Center of Gravity calculation?

An idea popped into my realism-loving mind today. I was wondering, what if a graphical weight and balance page was used in place of the current weight and balance page that just has sliders? There’s honestly not much of a “balance” aspect to play with with the current WB page… the plane is either loaded with or without weight, but you can’t shift it around to affect the flying characteristics. It would be wonderful if there was a graphical representation of the passenger and cargo loads for the particular aircraft one is using, along with a Center of Gravity % of MAC (Mean Aerodynamic Chord). Does anyone think this is a possibility? At the same rate, is it a possibility to include a trim control that indicates +/- trim in degrees as opposed to percentage (of what?).

Thank you for reading!

Sorry, but this is a duplicate…

Um, not it’s not.

He’s asking for a seperate chart for weight and balance for the aircraft.

Well the picture he shows depicts a weight and balance software where you can change the balance…

Definitely something like that, yes.