Graphical glitch

I am on an iPhone XR running the latest version of IF and IOS 12.2

I know this isn’t a huge thing to drag on about, but I noticed it and saw one thing that could go wrong, as you can see the map options overlap the VS button for auto pilot, obviously we can live with this tiny graphic glitch, but one thing that could be problematic is say, you calibrated while holding your device and then set it down and while it’s down you zoom on the map but you end up hitting the VS button and the yoke is pushed down and your plane goes into a nosedive which could cause violations, crashes etc. as I said this isn’t that big of a problem but I figured it was important enough to post about.

Well spotted, Have you restarted the app and looked if it changed?

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Restarting doesn’t do anything but I haven’t tried re-installing

Nice catch, it’s a bug in the way we render the map buttons.
No need to reinstall, or restart, this needs to be fixed in the code.


Yeah, Crashed the other day but never thought anything of it.

I crashed by accidentally clicked the VS button while zooming in and out of the map lol

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Seeing as the only fix to this problem is in the code,
This topic can be closed now

Will be fixed sometime in the future.