Graphical bugs 22.8

Device: Samsung S21 Ultra SM-G998U
Operating system: Android v13, OneUI v5.0

After a recent update to OneUI v5.0 and update to IF v22.8 I have been noticing a couple of graphical bugs.

One has to do with seeing two airframes simultaneously, as if one froze and a new one was drawn on top. If there was wing flex when it occurs you can see basically four wings. One frozen in flex and another straight, usually happens upon landing. Toggling to interior view and back fixes this for a few minutes then it returns. The animations also freeze when this happens.

The second thing is, I have begun noticing a lot of random flickering with textures while in exterior camera modes. I do not have these issues while using interior views.

I have done some troubleshooting before posting. I have changed various graphics settings

Accidentally sent unfinished post.

Changing various settings, didn’t help. I eventually uninstalled/reinstalled and the bugs are still there. I’m not sure if there is anything I can try on my end or if this something that is already known and being worked on. Thank you anyone in advance for your time.

Hello, does the wings it look like this? Bug in the wings of the CRJ - 200. If you’re able to reproduce it, I suggest letting the staff know (as said by schyllberg here: Bug in the wings of the CRJ - 200 - #3 by schyllberg), it is pretty old though so IDK if know yet or not. It’s also happened to me before, but I haven’t found a consistent way to reproduce it.

I’ve also noticed all the weird flickering, specifically in the E175 and E190, mainly on specific portions of the wing.

I will definitely make an attempt to reproduce the issue tomorrow. It does look exactly like that issue with the crj. This is happening with every aircraft and fairly often for me though. Hopefully I can get a good screenshot of it. I will post it here as well if I do.

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Can you also send some screenshots of those random flickering textures? I’ll also try getting some screenshots later today, we might have the same problem.

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