Does anyone know why this happen on the graphic in the cockpit?

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Welcome to the community! This is probably just a minor bug. Maybe delete and re-download the app, that should fix it.

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I’ve try it, nothing changed


What kind of device do you use? We have a known issue with a few Android devices using a specific GPU-series that is causing this on a certain graphics setting.


In my head: It actually looks very cool
On the IFC: Yeah, you don’t want that, try rebooting your device…


I’m using Android 5.1; ColorOS V3.0.0i

Which device model? That’s just software information :)

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Sorry. My device model is OPPO A39 and the model number is CPH1605

Thank you!

As suspected, your device is using a Mali T-Series GPU.
What graphics settings do you have in Infinite Flight?

I set the rendering quality to Good and the texture quality is medium

Try adjusting the texture quality, we’ve done a few changes to the graphics options since this was first discovered.


The tips is success!! Thank you for your help

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No worries. I’ll remind our developers of the issue so we can have it addressed.