Graphic troubles

So I have a iPad mini 3 and I used the correct setting for it but the graphics involve the plane are still terrible, can someone help

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This should be in the « support » category.

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Are all of your graphics on high? If not do that and turn off anti-aliasing.

Also, look over this thread:

OS : iOS 11.4
Rendering Quality : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture Quality : High
Anti-Aliasing : Off
Limit Framerate : On
Airplane Count : Low
GeekBench Scores : 1241 / 2105
Notes : A great device for running any type of flight! Just keep aircraft count at low as lag may occur.

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Hi there,to make the plane look high quality,go to settings—> quality —> and set rendering resolution to high.

Is Anti-Aliasing on?

Please send us a screenshot of your graphics settings.

What mobile device do you use?

He uses an iPad Mini 3.

iPad Mini 3

I have all the settings correct and even while I fly I even get device memory low, so i don’t know if it’s a problem with my iPad itself or IF on my ipad

Try :

  • Uninstalling then Reinstalling IF
  • Clearing Scenery Cache
  • Force closing the app
  • Clearing all unnecessary storage
  • Rebooting your device before every flight
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I’ll give it a try

Are you sure that you have the graphics setting on high in settings?

Yes I just checked that

Everyone throwing suggestions at the OP left and right is just confusing. we need to cut down on that guys, if you see that someone is already dealing with the issue it’s sometimes best to leave them to it 🙂

@Sasquatch do you still require further assistance? If so I’m more than happy to help you in a PM 🙂


I’m not sure, currently flying on my phone right now so I can’t fly on my iPad

I see. Do you have any of the same graphics issues on your phone that you have on the iPad?

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No just on the ipad

Okay. Could you confirm for me what graphics settings you are using on your iPad?

Check from the homepage by clicking settings → Graphics

This will show your texture quality, rendering quality and resolution, anti Aliasing and frame rate limiter. If you could report as to exactly what settings these are on, that would be great