Graphic settings

What graphic setting do you use on your IPhone 5s(airplane count, terrain, etc) in busy airports?
Especially, what settings should I set to view all aircrafts around me? Will it freeze?
P.S I want set that graphics, that would allow me to fly comfortable in busy regions.
And also I need all this graphic information do iPad Air too.
Sorry for my English, I’m from Russia

For your iPad set everything to high, it’ll be find

For your iPhone


I think infinite flight limited show all planes of game. You can’t show all the planes of busy airport also set very hight count planes :)

When I’m setting everything to high, it’s not working. Just after calibration app is closing.
( In live)

But on Laura’s screens there are so much planes

she’s a developer and she’s plays on a computer

On try to tune down airplane count and terrain quality and water quality

Also, why in live mode all other aircrafts is in very low quality

Because if they were all in high quality,

infinite flight would not be play able since most of the aircrafts are very high quality unlike

cough xplane


MAX OUT EVERYTHING! All the settings and yeah

Everything on High, when it’s busy or laggy turn down the Airplane count ( iPhone 5s )

Lately I set my limit frame rate off. My iPad got warm immediately after I set it off, but I think it isn’t to big of a problem.

for my iPhone 5S I have all graphics settings on their highest setting, anti-aliasing on, and plane count on high. Can’t turn plane count up to “very high” or it gets laggy.

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