Graphic settings question..

Hi guys , I’m trying to config my settings to fit well with my device and can anyone please explain to me what does rendering setting means in the game ? As I tried to change it to different level, but I couldn’t see obvious difference in game unlike graphic quality option. Thanks .

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Terrain is basically the quality of the ground

Sorry but I mean the rendering resolution setting :)

Do you mean the anti-aliasing option?
That makes the planes look smoother…

Rendering Resolution.

Not entirely sure what it does but I believe it has to do with the aircraft and scenery rendering as it says.

Yeah this is what I’m talking about. I couldn’t see any differences between the levels, so hoping someone could get this clear :)

If i’m not mistaken, that is screen resolution. The higher, the more pixels per inch.

Thanks :) seems that there aren’t much differences if playing on a phone size

Wait shouldn’t this be in surport area thing?

Rendering is the process of generating an image with computer software as far as wiki is concerned. The resolution would be how detailed that image is going to be. Higher resolution, more detail and more compute work, therefore could slow down your device depending on available memory to handle the job.

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