Graphic settings for Global

ANyone one on the iPad mini 2 can you share your graphics settings please

I would use the best settings that work for you. Try it on low then work your way up.

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I put everything on high

I get 50-60 FPS with terrible graphics design like this 😫


Welp, thats just what you are going to have to live with. Try getting an iPad Mini 4 for a much better experience. If possible, shoot for the 9.7 inch iPad Pro.

Hi I am using iPad mini 2 for global flight too. I am going to say it really really depends on you. But I recommend for long flight, try to turn the graphic down to medium to save battery life. I am currently flying from Sydney to Singapore now and this is what I am using. For short one you can turn the graphic all the well up. iPad mini2 works for all graphic setting as far as my experience. Hope this can help you. Thanks FDS for such a great job

Medium settings work well for me. Make sure you have anti-aliasing off.

For sure. Anti-aliasing will bring your frame rate down about 20 FPS

Definitely. You don’t really need anti aliasing if the settings are medium-high

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