Graphic settings and it’s affects

if i have my graphics high will this affect anything?

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It depends on your device. High graphics may reduce the performance of your game play. I’d experiment with different graphic settings on your device to get an understanding of your devices limits. Some devices can run the highest graphics with no problem and some usually older devices don’t handle it well.

yeah i have a new ipad so would it change anything

If it’s a newer device on the fleet line I wouldn’t think so. It’s got the newest tech but you never know.

On your Ipad Pro it most likely wouldn’t, but if you’re doing something long on high graphics, make sure the back of it is ventilated properly for cooling and that you use a proper ipad-grade charger for it to not discharge mid-flight. That said, if you have the Automatic “Low power mode” setting turned on though, there’s probably nothing to worry about at all, except for the charger maybe.

ok thank you so mhch

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