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Hey guys so I’ve been trying to fly and I noticed that even though all my setting are on high my screen is very pixelated. My device does support the settings so I’d like to see if you could help me. I’m pretty sure something is wrong with your game so please fix it. If any answer please text back. Thank

You… Jonathan B (See video attached)

I recommend enabling “Anti Aliasing”, as it smooths out all of the textures and makes it less “Pixelated”. :)

Settings > Graphics > Anti Aliasing > On

As Infinite Nick said, You gotta turn on Anti-Aliasing. :D

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O thank you I’m so dumb really thank you


You’re not dumb!

I never knew what that feature did until a few months ago, as I saw a hugeee difference.


You aren’t XD.
We all need to learn :D

Thank you anyways I’m really great full there is a community…hope to see you in the skies😀


Thank you to all See You In The Skies

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