Graphic problem

I reduced my graphics to low just to test out how it looks like, then after I went back to HIGH Graphics, the livery’s were kinda messed up and stuff, how can I possibly fix this?, I’ll show an example, **You can see the wing tip of the A350 Ethiopian, that’s how it explains it all **

Can you explain little more

It happened to me… the only solution I found was to delete the app and reinstall it

I edited the trxt

Check the wing tip

Did you first do the basic stuff? Like Turing back to low and high, turning on anti anilsing stuff like that

Yes, I turned graphics down because my game was lagging and now the graphics are messed up on liveries and cockpit text

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Have you tried restarting the app cause that has worked for me in the past

Do you mean deleting the app or restarting the phone/iPad?

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Restarting the app, (close it via multitask and then open the app again and/or restart your device. Also checking if you have a stable internet connection might help

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Alright, Thanks:), I’ll close to the topic after it works unless there is staff that would like to help.

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You can ping a staff member

Clearing scenery cache is for scenery, not for aircraft. It won’t do anything to fix his graphics issues.

@infiniteflight_bali I’m still not exactly sure what the problem is. Are you the A350 who’s wingtip is blurred, or is that another user? You won’t see other aircraft with the same quality as you see your own aircraft.


May try soft restart and rendering quality to high


I already had the same problem. After turning back the graphics to high again my a350 cockpit was very blurry. But I could fix it by turning the graphics back to low again and than back to high again. Hope that makes sense my english is not the best

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It currently still does not work, @schyllberg could you help me?

Turn everything back to normal, restart the device and try again… You can’t do any changes while in a flight session.

Texture quality is what controls all of this.


Alright! Thanks for the help.

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Given your flag, is it fine now or?

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I’m sure it’s fine now, I had texture quality in medium, that’s probably why

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