Graphic Problem

Hello there. I updated the app today. I arranged the settings.There is a problem. As you can see in the picture, the graphics look bad. All the planes have the same problem. How can I fix this problem?
My Call Sign: Turkish 1
My Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Android 7+

end your flight
go to the menu screen
go to settings
you should see graphic settings

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I know. The graphics settings are at the final level. Still looks bad.

send me a picture of your graphic settings

Those graphics look fine to me…

Kidding aside, try a simple restart of your device. If that doesn’t work, delete and reinstall infinite flight, and you should be all good.

OK. I solved the problem. You need to fix the graphics settings before you start flying. Some graphics settings do not appear when the flight starts. Now the problem is solved. Thank you.