Graphic Performance

I have two questions
1-What type of internet speed do you recommend and what type of tablet should I have so that with the last update the images are fast and in the game configuration I put all the images up and not slow and so it looks very sharp ?

2-Or is it just telling my internet operator to increase my speed?

There are a lot of good tablets there.


Ipad Pro
Ipad 2017
Iphone X series

(Idk about Samsung or other brands)

Honestly, it might be trial and error until you search for the right tablet that fits you.

My wifi is going about 13-14 mbps for download and just short of 5 mbps for upload. It works well.
As long as your wifi download / upload speed is around mine (13 / 5) you’re fine.

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Thanks for taking the time to answer me

Take a look at this :)


Here’s the updated thread that @Flying_Pencil mentioned:
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