Graphic issue upon spawn.

Guys when I spawn my graphics look kinda pixelated even though my settings are on full

Did you turn on anti aliasing?
Anti aliasing smooths out the graphics. It does require quite abit of power though, so your device might not support it.

Can you show us a photo?

Anti-aliase (I believe that is what it’s called) can be turned on, rendering, or graphics quality.
This just could be based on your settings.

Yep. Turn on anti aliasing.

Turn on anti-aliase, that is the issue you have

Please always include as much information as possible when reporting an issue: device make, model, OS version. For graphics issues, a screenshot of video capture (put it on youtube as unlisted and share the link here) is always best.


This is not an “issue”.

Anti Aliasing has some serious performance impact so do not turn on if you want to avoid lag.

I have a p9 lite running Android 6.0

I don’t see any issue here; this is how it is supposed to look.

You can try to turn on AA (in graphics settings) but be aware that it might seriously impact performance. It is a tradeoff.

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Thanks I’ll try your idea