Graphic glitch?

Im screwing around in the F-16 then I notice these very tall pillar mountains. When I tested if you can crash into it, I found out you can this is by Pereira in Colombia image

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Which airport is the nearest?

Armenia international ill pull up the code

SKAR, I will take a look into it.

SKGO is the airport code

Which is a closer i think

@PilotGonzalez That is false

Anyway, this is something with terrain that caused glitch and I can see these weird mountain and I checked Google Earth and nothing is compared. I will have to tag @schyllberg to take a look in this.

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Ohh okay, I didn’t know terrain can glitch like that.

I can confirm with this that there are odd graphics there as seen in my F-22

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The problem here is that our resolution is quite low for this area, both for topography & imagery I wouldn’t think of it that much to be honest, not until we have the new scenery packages out for South America.


I see…is it an actual or a virtual glitch? Wait a minute, I don’t know what the difference is.

Haha! It’s probably something wrong on our end. It will go away when we’re finished with the new scenery :)


It is first 3D trees I guess 😂

Looks so cool to fly VFR.