Graphic Failure

I am currently doing a flight from Auckland to Queenstown and I have full connection and high everything (resolution and quality). I don´t understand why the terrain is not loading. Can someone please explain me how to fix it.

Thanks and Happy Landings!!

Are you connect to wifi

Yeah I am connected. It works very well

Is it a black floor or just lower resolution?

theirs some Black Floor

Then you just need to reinstall.

Ok Thanks Guys For Your Advices

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Yes but if there is a black floor that means corrupt files which leads to a needed reinstall.

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Thanks for contacting support! This appears to be a corrupt terrain file, and a simple re-install should fix it. Please check this out. Terrain issues... (black floor)
if its your issue, my solution above will solve it.
If you have any further questions please feel free to PM me!


Okay, lots of speculation here and people throwing around random suggestions. Which is not very helpful.

This is a known issue, and why it’s happening is not exactly known at the moment but several of us moderators and staff are trying to reproduce it as we speak to find the cause and help the developers fix it.

It may be a corrupt file as suggested, but it is not a fact at the moment and most of the times a reinstall is not necessary. A simple app restart clears out the cached terrain.


I’ve heard it happens after very long flights (20+ hours)

Yes. That’s one of the parameters currently being looked at. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen on every super long flight…


It also can be the texture or the topography, it is quite difficult to reproduce, I can tell

It seems it only happens to me ( happened 3 times)when the device is running on high resolution and really working hard overnight. All I did those times was reinstall and it worked.

Yeah I have done loads of 20+ hour flights and overall I have never experienced the black floor bug on any of my flights after global was released.

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Not sure if it has anytthing to do with this but I find that it always happens while I’m over water. other people have had different outcomes though.

I turn my graphics and brightness to a minimum on long hauls for that reason

The only known component to recreate this at the moment is really long flights. Whether it’s water or land is the same as the app can’t tell the difference (imagery is imagery…)

We’re looking for that key thing (except for flying really freakin’ long) that causes this.


Try highest resolution and make your device work that has made a black floor on 3 of the 5 long flights where I did this.

This is not new to me… there’s a reason i moderate as much as i do in #support

I’m asking you people for that.
Many of us are already running on highest possible without having any issues. Myself included.