Grant_Monheiser's ATC Tracking Thread ~ PASSED PRACTICAL

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twenty words

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Feedback: N332AM

  • For the first clearance, since you already told me to make left traffic on takeoff, when you clear me you don’t need to include the “after the option make left traffic.”

  • Great runway change! You gave me the pattern entry, that was perfect. Also for the clearance, it was good that you said “after the option make right traffic”, since I was in a new pattern on a new runway, so I had to know if I was making right/left traffic.

  • On my 3rd pattern, you gave me an “after the option make right traffic”, which is not necessary since you already told me that in my 2nd pattern.

  • You gave me an early runway exit command, the best time to give an exit runway command is once the aircraft reaches a safe speed, at around 70 knots ground speed.

Things to remember:

  • Only give the clearance “after the option make xx traffic”, if an aircraft is inbound from another airport, or is switching runways in a pattern.

  • Exit runway command should be at around 70 knots ground speed, not 100 knots.

Overall, other than that you did great! Keep going, and I can’t wait to be controlling with you soon. :)

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THANK YOU so much!!

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No problem, thank you also!

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Also, please tag me when you open next.

How do I tag you?

Just type in “@” and then type in my name right next to the @.

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Yes that’s right. Thanks for having me, and see you in your next session!

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Welp sorry for that embarrassing flight. I was playing in the middle of thanksgiving preparation and it was getting hectic

All good, haha! I did get a quick chuckle at your expense, but nothing more. Thx for stopping by.

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you said to tag you haha ik you were on earlier
i’m open seatac

Hi, thanks for the service at Kstl, here’s a little feedback.

When I requested rwy change from R30R to R30L you asked me to extend upwind. Great. After American 320 was turning left you said turn crosswind. I assumed you wanted me to enter left downwind so I did. A little later you gave me the new pattern entry which was good. In this scenario, after you give the "extend upwind " only give the new pattern entry (and the rest of course) as you did without the "turn crosswind ".

The second and last thing I can add was when American 320 said he was inbound “on the ILS R30R” you cleared him to land. In absence of an approach controller (who cleares him for the ILS) give a pattern entry, sequence if necessary and than clear to land.

Transition altitude was good!👍

Sad you had to leave because I think you were doing great!


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Thanks a lot!

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