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Follow instructions. PLEASE.
Tower and Ground

ATIS: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport, Departing Runways 10L, 10R, Landing Runways 10L, 10R. The tower is accepting pattern work at this time. Altimeter 30.18, Wind 090 @ 6kt, Advise on contact, you have BRAVO.


meh, I wouldn’t usually since that airport be looking hella sus

but I’ll come to help you out

i saw ya spawn in the 737, did u leave for good?

My wifi cut, sorry mate

Hey there! I was G-TSTR (the 737 that left and came back). Here’s my feedback.

  • One: Transition altitude would be perfect had ACVA been flying at pattern altitude. They were a bit high, so you should’ve adjusted my transition a bit to allow for the vertical separation. 3500 feet would’ve been ideal.
  • Two: Do not tell an aircraft to enter a pattern leg unless they announce inbound. I could’ve simply wanted to fly over your airspace and be on my merry way elsewhere.
  • Three: Since you wanted me to go to 26L instead of 26R, you would’ve needed to give me a new pattern instruction (enter right base 26L would’ve worked perfectly fine).
  • Four: You didn’t sequence any aircraft during today’s session. Clearing someone as number two is not a substitution or an equivalent to sequencing. Sequencing would be “G-TSTR, number 2, traffic to follow is on downwind/base/final.” Be sure you know the difference between clearing a plane as number x to land/for the option and sequencing.
  • Five: There was no need to have ACVA maintain best forward speed. Our separation was sufficient. Furthermore, aircraft that are just about to land should not be given any speed commands. You should send the aircraft behind around if the situation requires it.
  • Six: On my runway change to 26R, you needed to give me a pattern instruction. Enter right downwind 26R would’ve been the ideal one; don’t just clear me directly.
  • Seven: My runway change to 26L and ACVA’s change to 26R were perfectly feasible. You should’ve told me to enter right downwind 26L, number 2, traffic to follow is on left downwind (I would’ve followed CAP, since they were clearly gonna get to the runway before me). For ACVA, you would’ve told them to enter left downwind 26R.
  • Eight: The extend downwind wasn’t necessary for ACVA. Pilots will maintain distance themselves; trust them to do so. Don’t over-control; intervene only if needed.
  • Nine: No need to reclear me to land after I announce a full stop. Just respond roger. Clearing for the option permits me to full stop, touch and go, stop and go, and do a low approach.

That’s all the comments I have for now. I’d recommend you take a look at Section 3 of the ATC Manual just to get familiar with the basics. Please feel free to PM me or reply to this comment if you have further questions or want clarification; I’ll be happy to help!

Absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much!

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