Grand Tour Liveries

The show Grand Tour is owned by amazon and is a spin-off of the popular show Top Gear. It features the same three hosts as the original, now this is a show about cars, but I am still a huge fan. One of the shows sponsors is DHL, and recently they had special liveries put on 2 757s, and a 767. These liveries have the faces of the three hosts on the tails of the aircraft.

Richard Hammond (Small Goods) 767

James May (Hair Force One) 757

Jeremy Clarkson (The flying (Orangutang) 757

These may be some of the best livery’s out there, and IF does not have enough special liveries. In my opinion it is halarious that Richard Hammond got the biggest plane, but you would have to watch the show to get that. Pleas vote,
Thanks KPIT…🙃

You should reread the feature guidelines. When you use liveries it already means multiple, let’s keep it down to 1 out of all the 3 planes painted in this livery

Also remember to give credits to the photographer who took the photo

Simple things need to be followed please (: