Grand Opening of Thomas Cook VA @ EGLL - 152100ZAPR16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: London Area

Airport: EGLL

Time: 2100Z

Departure climb VS : 2500ft/min
Departure speed (until 10’000 ft) : 225knts
Cruise climb speed : 240 knts
Cruise altitude : FL060
Descent VS : -1400ft/min

Join us ate the prestigious Thomas Cook VA opening flight. Are individuals are welcome, whether independent or representative of another VA, please don’t hesitate to join us!
We will first depart at EGLL, then fly a wonderful route to touch-and-go at EGKK, then definitively land at EGLL. For the leg between EGKK and EGLL, the VSs will be the same, yet the cruise altitude will be FL050 .


Thank you all for your time and consideration, and may the skies be ever in your favour.!

-Hisham OMAR

Special thanks to :

Proud Sponsors: IFES - Infinite Flight Escort Services @AnnieCorp_Inc


3 things:

  • Why is everything cursive below the NOTAM part? Just makes it annyoing to read.

  • FL110 is a bit high for the flight between EGBB and EGNX.

  • In the event description it’s the opning floght fpr JJTAIR, yet the title suggest different?

Otherwise, nice organized event ;)


Thanks @Samuel123abc for your helpful input. Hopefully, it’s been fixed well.

Hello @Huw, thank you for your feedback yet I feel a lack of reasoning as to why that is so. May you please communicate this to @jjt0909 for further communication and confirmation of this changement. Thank you!

I understand and do not wish to doubt you, but I just do not want to make a risky edit without the approval of my contacted reference. And concerning the JJTAir edit, I assumed looking at @jjt0909’s profile that it would be for his airline. There was a slight confusion.

This has been check and you csn change the time

Is this 10pm English time
indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

Yes 22:00 bst

terminal 1 parking

go to terminal 2 where you will see the call sign cook000

there is enough time to join

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