Grand opening: BlueWings Alliance

Welcome aboard BlueWings alliance! we are the first and the best alliance on IFC.

Our Goal
As the first and the leading VA alliance on Infinite Flight Community, We want to make VAs closer. Doesn’t matter if VAs are competitors in real life, they can be a team on IF. And with code-sharing routes and exclusive spots in events, VA pilots get to fly more planes.

Mission statement
BlueWing’s primary purpose is to make VAs closer to each other. Our mission is to provide more opportunities for our member pilots by code sharing aircrafts, more routes to choose from, and creating a friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to constantly improve our services, and eventually make the VAs linked.

How this is going to work
Just like in real world, alliance is a large part to benefit airlines, especially smaller ones, we will have code-share flights so the pilots can fly more planes and routes, we will have reserved gates for events hosted by our members, making it easier for the pilots of each VA to participate in member events. The list goes on and on, so does the benefits.

Initial members
Embark Airlines @KindaAngrySliceOfPie
thread: Embark Airlines - Brand new thread!

FlyTasman Ansett VA group @Connor_Seymour @Jacob_Sim
FlyTasman thread: FlyTasman Virtual's Official Thread | New and Improved | Applications open
FlyTasman website:
Ansett Virtual thread: Ansett Virtual - One of the World’s Best Virtual Airlines. No One Aims Higher.
Ansett Virtual website:

SAA virtual @Owain_G
thread: South African Airways Virtual Official Thread | Flying One Nation - One Journey

meet our team
CEO @Jerry_Chen
COO @Connor_Seymour
and CEOs of member VAs

visit us at
interested in joining? PM me for further details!

We are IFVARB approved


This looks interesting good luck to all.

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Could Aeroflot Virtual join?

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PM the OP (@JerryC) and I’m sure he’ll get you situated. :)

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Also this isn’t the first Alliance but alright 😂

Best of Luck


Definitely not the first VA Alliance. Best of luck to you.

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This looks cool, thanks for having FTVA on board

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Update from BlueWing:
New member, Air Small Virtual!
Check them out at and AirSmallVirtual | Small Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger | Now recruiting pilots


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