Grand Junction, CO addition to Denver region

A small town named Grand Junction is nestled 2hours southwest of KASE and KEGE in what is known as the Grand Valley. Home to Grand Junction Regional Airport, an airfield with numerous flights daily, serving multiple destinations with 6 carriers. Delta Connection, United Express, American Airlines, US Airways, Allegeint, along with small charter companies servicing the interior Rocky Mountain region. This high desert valley town is situated in between 3 entirely different mountain ranges. The McInnis Canyon National Conservation, AKA the Monument, consists of sheer face cliffs, tight winding canyons, and unique weather and water eroded protruding tall rock pillars. Across from the Monument is the worlds largest flat top mountain, formerly believed to be the worlds largest prehistoric volcano…now known as the Grand Mesa and is home to thousands of lakes and even more aspen. And the third range being an upheaval caused by the massive Grand Mesa over time creating the Book Cliffs. My reasons for suggesting this addition are not only for the unique environment, but also because most all of the livery in IF use this airport. Also the Colorado river runs west through the Valley cutting a path from this regional airport over the Rockies to KDEN which in my opinion would make for a longer flight with options to stop at favorites, KASE and KEGE, while heading east to KDEN. This also would give both PG and Advanced ATC at KASE and KEGE a variety of direction of incoming traffic to control. Just a thought. Thank you.


Sounds great, especially for the Q400