Grand Hyatt Spotting @KDFW

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted on the IFC. Yesterday I did some spotting at DFW so here’s some of the shots

N753AN an American Airlines 777-200er taxiing in from Honolulu

N768AA the second American Airlines 777-200er from Honolulu

N761AJ an American 777-200er departing on a ferry flight to Phoenix

N755AN an American 777-200er departing for Honolulu

N830AN an American Boeing 787-9 departing for Maui

HL8082 a Korean 787-9 slowing down after a flight from Seoul

JA736J a Japan Airlines 777-300er slowing down after a flight from Tokyo Haneda

A7-BBB a Qatar Airline 777-200LR arriving in from Doha

N742AS an American Airlines A319 in the PSA retro livery slowing down after a flight from Austin

N838AW an American Airlines A319 in the America West retro livery departing for McAllen Texas

Camera Gear

Camera: Nikon D3400
Lens: Nikkor 70-300mm



I hope you bought a nice meal with that $1 you found on the ground at Founders ☺️, it’s a gift from me btw


I really got to stay at that hotel, lol.

Amazing photos! AA Fanboy likes what he sees. 😎

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the PSA livery looks gorgeous

Looks cooler than the A330 lol

Awesome shots dude! Glad it was a good experience!

Great shots Will! Glad you’re back.

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These pics = 🔥

Thanks for including where you were spotting from because I’m new to spotting at KDFW and I need places. Did you have to be inside a hotel room?

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Left it for the next person


Like the pfp


Eh sure gonna disagree but sure



I had a day pass


Sounds awesome, thanks! So is that a day pass to the hotel? How do I get it and how much does it cost?

Well I showed up before sunrise and they let me up for free

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