Grand Canyon

Does anyone have a flight plan that goes over the Grand Canyon? I know its close to Flagstaff, if I had a heading from there that would take me over it would be helpful.

Why not do a scenic flight from KPHX to KSFO. Just reroute yourself to fly over the Grand Canyon, or maybe you can just spawn in at the nearest airports.

Takeoff from KGCN and fly North

But you can do KSLC to KPHX or KABQ to KSFO

KGCN is a good airport to spawn at. Pretty much on the rim of the Grand Canyon. From there you can make your own guided tour, which is always fun.


I got a good FPL. I use it when I go from LAX and SNA to the Dallas area. I recommend it. I don’t want to give it to everybody as it is my own but I am happy to PM it to you. 🙂

If you want to fly over the Grand Canyon any flight with a route just to the NE of KGCN is great.

Flight plans aren’t top secret documents. There is no reason to hide them just because they are yours.

I don’t get why you even need a flight plan. VFR is the way to go over the canyon.


That is not how I meant it. No need for that.

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Were currurently enroute to PHNL from KDEN, we pass over Arizona’s Grand Canyon

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@Eric_Prater. MaxSez: Just flew the Canyon, try this:

Grand Canyon National Park Airport (IATA: GCN, ICAO: KGCN, FAA LID: GCN) is a state-owned public-use airport located in Tusayan, a CDP in unincorporated Coconino County, Arizona, United States. It is near Grand Canyon National Park, seven miles (11 km) from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Elevation AMSL‎: ‎6,609 ft / 2,014 m‎

Great ride in a Decatholon! Enjoy, Google is your friend, Search Term “Airport Code: City or State, Country… G’day


…it’s just a video game…bunch of dots on a screen …:)

KPHX to KSLC. Nice and easy.


imageHope this is of some help!

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I put this together for the Beta suggested routes.


I can vouch for this. This was a good route! ☝🏼


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