Grand Canyon Trespassers

Hi IFC! Just showing ya’ll some quick shots that I took from surfing over grand canyon with my cousin.

Callsign & Aircraft used: SU-GAR (myself) w/ F/A-18E Super Hornet featuring I-BCDY (@RizkyAulia12) w/ F14 Tomcat.

The Pics:

1. Passing by each other before entering the canyon.

2. A bit of a Maverick vibe.

3. Casually surfing also strolling around the canyon.

4. Overtook-ing this mach 2 max speed plane.

5. Popping up.

(Don't mind the glitch on the F14)
Let me know which one you liked most!
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That’s all I wanna share, hope you guys enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by for a while here, have a pleasant day!


I can see Maverick flying that F-18! These shots are so cool!

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Leeettss goooo F-14.


Looked fun! I love photo #3

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