Grand Canyon test run

Greetings fellow pilots and controllers.
So for the last 3 years I have done flights to and from destinations but very rarely anything else. Today I did something different. I did a test run in the Grand Canyon and tried tracking the Colorado River. Below is what I have.

This is to get a birds eye view of the canyon

Tracking the Colorado River

Turning to a new section of the river

Got lost so had to find the river again

Left the canyon to get an aerial shot at 50,000 feet.


One of the many beautiful places to fly in the US. Flying a small GA plane and navigating through the terrain is great fun indeed! Looked like fun!

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It was actually difficult tracking the river in the canyon because of so many sharp turns. It was however really neat to explore it. I will try to explore more places like this and perhaps start scenic tours.

This is proper flying, unlike commercial ultra long hauls (gonna get a lot of hate for saying that) .

Not too long ago I flew the F-22 across Scotland from South to North. I had a basic idea of where I wanted to go and used Infinite Tracker for navigation. Low level flying is more involving than most other forms of flying in IF, I do it so often that I can navigate some areas of the UK from memory alone.


I love doing point A to point B flights but needed to change things up. I haven’t really explored places in depth much. I have an idea for the next thing and it will be epic.

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I love taking fighters (especially the -22) out to the Grand Canyon and doing canyon runs and just having some fun.

Nice photos!


I know you probably did this on the casual server, but the fact that you are going Mach 1.09 under 10,000ft is making me cringe😬😂

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Try taking the A10. That’s so much fun flying through the Grand Canyon without the need of the hud!!

Speed restrictions below 10000ft for fighters is deactivated, even on expert server

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But excessive speed like Mach 1.5< gets reported

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