Grand Canyon Race

Who would be up to hop a super decathlon and race through the Grand Canyon once global comes out?! Just thinking it would be fun to do on the casual server. I will probably make an event once global comes out! There’s an airport right outside of the national park called Grand Canyon National Park airport. (GCN) that we can take off from.

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Sadly I feel I must decline as I would end up scarring people for life with my flying. Hope you get some good flyers like AR and Joe to do this.


No worries. Flying through the Grand Canyon would be a challenge for any pilot. Just a fun thing to do for everyone on the casual server


@maxmustang says he can out-fly us any day.

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sign me up, i get bored of the Denver mountains

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That would be so cool to do, can finally show my crazy flying skills

If global comes before 2020, then I’ll definitely be there! I still do “Canyon Tours” in a Baron B58 on X-Plane 10 Mobile…


Create a new topic when global comes out.