Grand Canyon in IF

Does anyone know a route that passes over the Grand Canyon? Can I also have screenshots of it? Thanks

Fly in it rather than over it!

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Can I have a route for that?

I don’t have screenshots but if you would use a real world route, SNA-DEN would take you right over it.


I want to fly in it

Spawn at the Grand Canyon airport and fly into it then :)

It’s KGCN. I advise using the TBM, nice and slow

Why am I surprised you gave us a Southwest flight as an example, @Joseph007? ;)


KGCN would be a great starting airport then.

I mean the best livery + the best scenery!


I just look at maps and fly in, but I’m going in now to find an answer. If you’re ready to fly right now, join me at KGCN on training server.

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Ok, i’m Going

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Are you there?

You can spawn in now

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Wait for me

Come to me please

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I switched to TBM. Ready when you are

I highly recommend flying in/through the Grand Canyon in a fighter jet. It’s really an exhilarating experience!

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Not bad, right? I went up towards the end for a scenic view. Thanks for coming!

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