Grand Canyon Flight on Casual - Dash Q400

Today some members of IFAE took a scenic flight through the Grand Canyon in the F22. Since I was pressed for time, I wanted to check out some of the amazing scenery KGCN has to offer on a short flight through the Canyon.

I spawned at KGCN on Casual, followed the crests of the Canyon, and came in for landing back at KGCN to be greeted with an F22 on takeoff.

Time: 0130z, 10/04/19, VFR flight.

It’s worth the trip!


One of the reasons the Q400 is on of my IF and real life favorites! Great shots my brotato.

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Finally Widerøe have startes flying to America and in america :D

Such a realistic route

Nice shots you got there


lol @Jens_Severin. It’s casual server after all, right? I thought the seafoam green Widerøe livery would go well with the color of the terrain, that’s why I chose it ;)

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Well, it makes sense, probobly the first mountinus terrain that plane has flown in on IF, because most of the mountinus Norway on IF is flat:(

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Wideroe in the Canyon’s; great Tristan, LOL! Great pic’s!

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i liked it, good job

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